Love Horoscopes

Love Horoscopes, Love Compatibility

Find out the 15 needs and wants of your lover with my love horoscopes!

This report is excellent when thinking of casting a spell as it will show an “x-ray” of the relationship AFTER the spell has worked – and prepare you for anything within the relationship!

This analysis is unique and will tell you:

  • Does he love you truly – or are you a passing memory soon?
  • Will he/she remain faithful?
  • Will you outgrow each other – or live happily ever after?
  • What does he/she REALLY want in a relationship?
  • What does he/she NEED to be satisfied in a relationship?
  • Do the stars favor your union, or warn you of trouble ahead?
  • Is there anything you can do to “save” your relationship when/if its in trouble?

Receive your analysis by email within 48 hours in pdf format. Will need your and their full name, birth date and place of birth in order to be accurate. After payment, will contact you by email to get this information.

Cost: 67

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